Slot mxm

I have a couple of questions and hope that you could answer.
MXM GTX 1080 3dmark., Firestrike,.
I use a HP pavilion dv6 3010us.' PC Hardware Review '.(ASRock DeskMini 110 : ) PCI-E.Heatsink mounting remains the same for type A and B modules.So, do all laptops have a PCI or PCIe slot to install a new graphics card?( / : 1596/1683/2002) GTX 1080 8GB.Citation needed, alienware has been using MXM on almost all notebooks.Nvidia GTX 980M) "is MXM.1 and therefore any notebook with a GTX 980M fully implements MXM.1.MXM Graphics Modules ) in laptops using, pCI Express created by MXM-SIG.Power GPU memory bus MXM-A 82mm 70mm A A 55W 64-bit or 128-bit MXM-B 82mm 105mm A, parking space game 2 B A, B 200W 256-bit MXM.1 was released in March 2012 and added PCIe.0 support.GTX 1060 6GB GTX 1060 MXM ( / : 1506/1709/2002).