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Weren't they all once allies?
The turmoil that followed Gaddafi's fall allowed IS to gain a foothold in the country, taking control of the former Libyan leader's home city of Sirte.He partly blamed then-UK Prime Minister David Cameron for "the mess saying he had not done enough to support the North African nation.It's easy to earn EuroBonus points you can use towards exciting rewards and other benefits.You can review all, role-based Certifications and read more about the new offerings in these blog posts.French President Emmanuel Macron was the first Western leader to invite him to Europe for peace talks, and France launched air strikes in support of Gen Haftar's forces in February.It is awash with weapons looted from Gaddafi's arsenal and from allies in the region supporting rival factions.Image copyright AFP Image caption The euphoria following Col Gaddafi's demise has vanished.Some there are fed up with the insecurity, weak governance and the corruption amongst powerful militias who control the capital and feel a strong man may be able to bring some authority to the lawless nation.Militia allegiances often shift out of convenience and with the need to survive.Who is Gen Haftar?This January his forces launched an offensive to seize two southern oil fields.Its estimated that 1 in 12 men have a color vision problem, and 1 in 200 women, so statistically we already have tens of thousands of users who will benefit from this new version.People do not feel safe and are constantly on the edge.WOT has information on over 18 million websites.
Tripoli administration, the internationally recognised government, known as the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Gen Haftar has made several trips to Russia, been welcomed on a Russian aircraft carrier off Libya, and on Sunday Russia vetoed a UN Security Council statement condemning his advance on Tripoli.
Powerful militias from neighbouring Misrata, such as the 301st Brigade, which were instrumental in the fight against Col Gaddafi and then IS, have also dispatched forces to Tripoli in the wake of the LNA's advances.
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